The GT’s First Drift Event

Quite an eventful weekend.  Originally, I had gone to Turner Field to take photos for the Southeast Drift event, however later in the day things went in quite a different direction!  Marcos Ruiz, pro-drifter and head of South East Drift , had the opportunity to take my car out on the track for a couple hot laps!   On our walk to the car, Marcos questioned what I had done to my car,  I explained to him everything that was done and he seemed quite excited to take it out!   Our first lap was a warm up lap and he got a feel for the car, the car was also starting to warm up as well so he wasnt hard on it at all.    As you can see in the video below, this is the result of the second lap!

Zero body roll, stability, power, and control!   I was very happy to see the car perform so well after all the money I have put into it.  Not only this, but this gives me the confidence to know that if and when I decide to take her back out myself, I know it is capable of doing exactly what it did in the hands of a pro driver.

Dont forget, on March 12th 2010 is my first track go around with the current setup.  I cant wait!



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